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Smart electric bike being tested, should prevent accidents
Smart electric bike being tested, should prevent accidents

Smart electric bike being tested, should prevent accidents

A smart electric bike has been developed in the Netherlands, the country of bikes, so that it could assess its surroundings and prevent accidents from happening, especially to elderly bikers. The smart electric bike is currently being tested in the country. Outfitted with various electronics and sensors, the smart electric bike is made up of an array of safety technology that can warn bikers of impending doom, or whatnot.

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research is currently developing the smart electric bike as a favor to the Durch government. The prototype of the bike has already been tested out, running on electricity. The neat thing about the new smart electric bike is that the radar mounted below the handles and the camera mounted in the rear guard should make a great team on the road and help bikers assess their environment better. Since it’s just a prototype, a commercial version of the smart electric bike won’t be available until the next couple of years and its price will be quite hefty, according to estimates. The smart electric bike price should be at least $1,800, or even more once the model is finished.

Even though the radar and camera mounted on the smart electric bike already seem pretty good at detecting danger, the bike also features a vibrating warning system that will go off when these devices detect any obstacles in front or cyclists coming from behind. You will also have the option of connecting a tablet into the cradle specially created for that purpose and communicate with the smart electric bike while you’re cycling. A dedicated application will be featured with which you can monitor the sensors and receive alerts about obstacles in front of you or behind you.

The smart electric bike will be able to reach a top speed of 16 mph, which should be enough for the targeted persons. According to Maurice Kwakkernaat, a scientists involved in the smart electric bike project, the device is intended to help out elderly people when cycling, because the Dutch government has found that this age group is most at risk when it comes to bicycling around town. Even though the smart electric bike is quite heavy at the moment, weighing 55 pounds, the developers and scientists are working on making the bike lighter and more portable. Since the Netherlands has an overwhelming number of people choosing bikes over other types of transportation, the smart electric bike should come as a safe method of getting around.

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