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Shovel Knight in Road Redemption as it hits PC, Wii U, and Xbox 360 in 2015
Shovel Knight in Road Redemption when it is released in 2015

Shovel Knight in Road Redemption

Shovel Knight in Road Redemption as a playable character was revealed today. The announcement came from both Darkseas Games and Yacht Club Games. Darkseas is a development studio made up of former staff of various famous developers such as Sega, Sony and EA. They were formed in 2012 and launched a Kickstarter for Road Redemption, a spiritual successor to Road Rash, a Sega Genesis game from 1991. Road Rash as a series lasted until Road Rash Jailbreak on the PlayStation in 1999. Since then the series has been in hibernation except for a Road Rash Jailbreak port to Game Boy Advance in 2003. Criterion Games of EA have expressed interest in a Road Rash cross Burnout title, though nothing has ever come of it. Dan Geisler, a former Road Rash developer, attempted to create a game titled Hard Rider but couldn’t get the game funded. So for now, Darkseas Games’ Road Redemption is the closest you will get to a modern Road Rash. The game was funded via Kickstarter in May of 2013 and is to be released on Steam, Wii U and Xbox 360 sometime in 2015.

Shovel Knight is the star of his own game, Shovel Knight, which was released for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and the PC this past summer. The game is a retro throwback and one of the best handheld games of this year. The trailer for Shovel Knight in Road Redemption showcases him using his shovel to knock over rival motorcyclists. His armor also appears to help him sustain gunfire as they simply pelt off of his blue encasing. Shovel Knight in Road Redemption also gives off an intimidating vibe, as his transfer into a realistic art style makes the horns more frightening than the cartoon version. He proceeds to viciously murder some more bikers to a very rocking track.

Road Redemption is available now in Steam Early Access for $19.99 with a completed version set to arrive sometime next year.

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