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World of Tanks holds a special event with pixel tanks
A special event gives us an 8-bit World of Tanks

World of Tanks Gets Pixelated

World of Tanks is a MMOFPS by developer Wargaming. Today the developer has announced a special mode coming to the game very soon.

In early 2015, World of Tanks will be holding its Winter Showdown event (you can see a trailer below). In this mode, player’s tanks and the map will take on a special 8-bit visual style. The pixelated mode will bring special content including three custom-built vehicles, a new map, and mega platoons. In Winter Showdown, platoons will consist of five players rather than the standard three. Battles can consist of two mega platoons vs. two mega platoons, or 10 vs. 10 randomly selected teams of single players.

The Winter Showdown mode in World of Tanks will also bring three new vehicles: the Mammoth heavy tank, Polar Bear tank destroyer, and the Arctic Fox light tank. The tanks will have different roles in battle, with the Mammoth playing brawler, the Polar Bear playing long-distance sniper, and the Arctic Fox being a speedy scout. These vehicles will come equipped with special rounds that can not only damage enemies, but also heal allies. Winter Showdown comes with its own battle arena, and an exclusive medal.

Originally released on PC in 2011, World of Tanks allows players to pilot artillery against each other on massive maps. The game focuses on PvP battles, and debuted as an eSports game at the World Cyber Games 2012. The game features over 290 armored vehicles for players to pilot, including tanks from the Soviet Union, Germany, France, China, and the United States. There are five different classes of tanks: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns. In World of Tanks, there are customization options, including different camouflage patterns for the tanks.

World of Tanks is a free-to-play MMO available for PC. The game also has a Xbox 360 version for console gamers. The Winter Showdown will go live on January 26th.

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