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Not only that, but Tiamat also rebalances projectile weaponry, introduces new audio effects, and improves environmental indirect lighting.

Eve Online’s Tiamat Expansion Adds New Destroyer and NPC

EVE Online developer CCP Games has brought out the second expansion of the year for its sci-fi MMO today, as detailed in a press release published in conjunction with it. Title Tiamat, the new update focuses more on expanding the EVE Online universe and introduces a new destroyer, among other things like improvements to the game’s visuals, projectile weapons being rebalanced and more.

The press release only covers the highlights of the expansion, which includes the aforementioned additions. Further information, such as Tiamat’s change log, can be found via EVE Online’s official community website. To kick things off, a new NPC faction has been added to EVE Online. Referred to as The Drifters, this new faction can be found roaming throughout known New Eden space.

The new tactical Tech 3 destroyer is for the Minmatar race – the Svipul, touted as a projectile weapon boat. Featuring similar mechanics as the Amarr Confessor, this ship can dynamically transform on the fly between defensive, propulsion and sharpshooter modes, enabling EVE Online pilots the ability to adapt as the situation demands it.

Speaking of projectile weapons, all projectile weaponry – particularly small artillery and autocannons – have been rebalanced, and all projectile ammunition have been with improved for quality and diversity as well. Also, falloff has been added to autocannons of all sizes.

EVE Online’s audio has been touched on, too. Specifically, the audio for turrets have been given “more of a reverb” to add to their size and weight. Audio for missions, anonymous and even pirate factions have been improved upon thanks to Tiamat’s large audio engine update. Furthermore, EVE Online has been introduced to a new physically based rendering system, which provided improved lighting effects both in and out of warp. Environmental light is also reflected off ships from nearby planets, structures and even wormholes.

Finally, Tiamat also brings with it new corporation and alliance changes that are described as essential management tools to help improve both corporations and alliances while making it easier to entice new potential members. For the first time, corporations will also be able to decide whether or not CONCORD interferes with friendly fire within said corporation.

Previously, CCP Games would only published a couple of expansions each year. In 2014, however, the developer decided to instead roll out releases on a near-monthly basis. This change in delivery has introduced new features to EVE Online far more frequently than before. The game’s next expansion, Scylla, is scheduled to release next month in March.

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