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Veteran-founded studio ArtCraft Entertainment will be using similar technology behind Minecraft to bring destruction to Crowfall.

Crowfall MMO to Use Sandbox Technology for Destruction

ArtCraft Entertainment, an indie studio founded by two games industry veterans, J. Todd Coleman (Shadowbane) and Gordon Walton (Star Wars: the Old Republic), has announced in a press release today that it’ll be using the same technology found in sandbox games – Voxel Farm technology – for destructive features in its first MMO title Crowfall, which is still in very early pre-Alpha development.

The press release details that Voxel Farm technology has risen in popularity thanks largely to Minecraft, which features randomly generated sandbox worlds and creative tools. While other games are said to use the same technology to enable gamers to build and create whatever they wish in-game, ArtCraft Entertainment intends to take Voxel Farm technology “in entirely new directions” with Crowfall.

Coleman, the co-founder and creative director of the small indie studio, explains that Voxel Farm technology will be used “for a very different reason” than creation; ArtCraft Entertainment will be using it for destruction. “We’re creating sandcastles for the players to kick over,” he adds. Aside from this, however, Voxel Farm technology will also allow for the developer to ensure that Crowfall will be a unique experience to each player.

“Our goal with Crowfall is to create an online experience where the World is a completely dynamic world,” Walton, ArtCraft Entertainment’s co-founder and president, explained in the press release. “We want to create hundreds of unique worlds, with unique maps – mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, dungeons, ruins – for players to explore and destroy. The Voxel Farm technology gives us the power to do exactly that”.

Crowfall is touted to be a game that will “push the design of Massively Multiplayer Online games in bold new directions.” The game was first announced back in January, when it was revealed that Crowfall would have a particular focus on “political alliances and feudal conquest.” It’s targeted at gamers who are looking for a more immersive and visceral experience, and ArtCraft Entertainment has promised an announcement regarding Crowfall by the end of the month. According to the game’s official website, the announcement will shared in six days and 15 hours at the time of publication.

The developer regularly keeps its small Crowfall community up to date with its latest works, and registering to the community will secure gamers Beta access to the game when available. Those interested in the ArtCraft Entertainment’s MMO can find further information via the game’s community forums.

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