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ReCore is getting collectible figures

ReCore is getting collectible figures in 2017 and they look gorgeous

The latest Microsoft developed game, ReCore, launched in September 13th to harsh criticisms regarding the load times and the last hours of the game, when the general public got to play it the comments were more positive and both critics and consumers saw potential in making the game a big Xbox Intellectual Property instead of being quickly thrown away like other Xbox cult hits like Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break, and although the franchise’s future is unsure as of this moment, the fact that its getting its own collectible figures says that the Xbox division has some hope for it.

Killer Instinct figure

Made by Ultimate Source, the same team that made the excellent Killer Instinct figures, the Recore collectible figures will arrive in two different product lines: The ReCore Anime Style line which includes adorable mini style versions of Joule and her bots doing some action poses; and The ReCore Premium line which are metal figures of Joule and her friends with lightable cores for the Corebots and removable pieces (Which is also called Wave One…interesting). These product lines will launch together on Spring of 2017 and the premium line will probably go for around $30 (if the Killer Instinct figures are anything to go by), no clue on the anime line though.

Personally  I really like how the premium figures look, because they look like a way to get some sweet ReCore figures without paying over a hundred dollars for the collector’s edition. The price point is a bit high for me but if they manage to get a discount similar to what their other figures got earlier this year I could consider picking one up, especially to support  Xbox’s more experimental titles.



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