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Slain: Back From Hell Xbox One Release

October is a very special time for a many people. The night of the dark, of the unknown, of things that go bump in the night, and everything else. It’s fitting that game developers would release games that go with the darker side of humanity to fit with Halloween. Slain: Back from Hell, developed by Andrew Gilmour and 22nd Century Toys, is one such game. Released on PC back in August, Slain: Back from Hell has come to Xbox One with a price of $14.99.

Slain: Back from Hell takes inspiration from the hack and slash games of the previous century. It’s set in a dark world, one filled with monsters to be ground into a bloody pulp. As players move through a gothic inspired world, they will have to fight through these hordes or be reduced to smears on the wall. They will be forced to utilize the weapons of the game to their fullest, and to exploit enemy weaknesses. What is more, the game aims to embellish the game with a heavy metal soundtrack. The intention is to create a fierce and intense atmosphere, and to that end they employed Curt Bryant from Celtic Frost for the music.

When it was initially released on PC, the game was only known as Slain, and it received a lukewarm response. There were many complaints about the game being unpolished and stiff. In response to this, Andrew Glimour and 22nd Century Toys released Slain: Back from Hell. A much better received version of the game, with metacritic scores rapidly jumping upward as a result. Huge parts of the game was reworked, including all of the dialogue, and a large amount of content was added, such as three bosses. The developers stated that they intended to address every complaint that the players had about the original game, and to make the new version feel like a completely different game.

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