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Are gamers more likely to be better sports betters?

Online sports betting is a pastime that has been gaining much momentum and popularity in recent times. With you now being able to place wages from your smartphone, using the betfair android app, it is a fun activity that people can do on the go, whenever they have some free time. But the question we turn to today is, is being an avid gamer something that is likely to make you a better punter? The quick answer is that we have no definitive answer to this question, but there are some characteristics of gamers, and skills that gamers have that will undoubtedly give you an advantage when it comes to making wagers on sporting events.

Strategic and quick thinking

Many video games require you to really use your brain! In order to win, you need to engage in some strategic and out of the box thinking –and you need to have the ability to do this quickly too! You need to be able to weigh up different approaches and decisions in head and quickly make the right call with confidence. These skills transfer well to sports betting. Since you are betting on live events, these quick thinking skills really do come in handy here. You also need to have the same astute ability to weigh up various moves in your head, before committing to one.

Understanding the rules

Since you are used to playing games with complicated rules, you will easily pick up the rules of sports betting, as well as the jargon and specific types of bets you can make for different sports. This may not sound like much of an advantage, but the ability to quickly comprehend and master a set of rules and understand how a whole system works actually gives you unparalleled advantage! You are thus able to see the big picture and know how to best work within the system as to allow you to profit from it.

Drive and determination

Gamers are well-known for both heir drive and their determination. It takes a lot of perseverance to become good at playing video games and progress through various levels. The warrior attitude is something that will definitely be a good thing if you want to have a go at online sports betting. You may not win initially –and many people decide to give up at the first sniff of failure –but with your drive and determination you are better equipped to put in the hours needed to study up about the sports on which you are betting and make more well-educated wagers.

So all in all it is difficult to definitively state that gamers will make good punters. But we do believe that the skills and traits mentioned here, that you pick up from being a dedicated gamer will most certainly help you along the way. When you start your online sports betting career you are sure to see how these skills translate from the one activity to the other.

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