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UPDATE: New Metro game revealed for 2017

UPDATE: On November 9th, Deep Silver stated that “ambitious plans for the hugely successful Metro series. But… releasing the next game in 2017 is not one of them”. So, although a new Metro game is in development, it will most likely release on 2018.

The Metro series is the pinnacle of atmospheric first person shooters, both Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light received positive reviews thanks to a combination of decent combat mechanics alongside a very well constructed world that made every horrific event or slight victory feel the more real. Developer 4A Games was in charge of creating games for the Metro franchise, but since the closure of its publisher THQ and the fact that the Metro publishing rights were acquired by Deep Silver games, Metro has been in quite a weird position. However, after three years since the release of Metro: Last Light, a new game was finally been confirmed by the Metro 2035 website (which is the name of the latest book in the Metro series) and it looks like its aiming for a 2017 release window.

According to the Metro 2035 web page, the new Metro game will be the third game of the series and it will follow the end of Metro 2035, “Pick[ing] Up” where the books end their story, mentioning as well that “An era of great discoveries lies ahead…”. The release date is unknown aside from the fact that it’s aiming for a 2017 release. Its expected that it will feature the same stealth mechanics, low ammunition, and tense gameplay that the series is known for. Strangely enough, this isn’t the only game being developed by 4A games, as they are also developing the Oculus Touch exclusive Arktika.1, a VR shooter that takes place on a post-apocalyptic world.

I’m glad that the Metro franchise is coming back for at least one more installment, as it is quite an interesting experiment in terms of how much care and attention the developers made in order to create a world that feels alive and mysterious during every second of the adventure. I hope the next installment delivers where the story of Last Light didn’t, because then we could have an experience that surpasses the first title.

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