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overwatch giveaway contest

Overwatch: Origins Edition Code Giveaway Contest – Open!

Wow! Who would have thought that we’d get an opportunity for more giveaways so early? Right, Gamesdeal.com has bestowed us with a fresh batch of game codes. This time Blizzard’s  Overwatch is on the menu. Three keys will be given to three lucky commenters. This time around, you will also need to tell us why do you want to win a freebie key. Sob stories will hold the same value as any other, so don’t think that this is anything other than a random draw. Just add a comment in this page’s comment section to be eligible. 

To enter out contest you will need to register below and check the options that appear. Each option grants bonus entries and checking them all will unlock the doubling bonus. Remember, you also need to add a pertinent comment, telling us why you want to win.
Win 3 Overwatch: Origins Edition game codes with LTG and GamesDeal

Registration will end next week on Wednesday November 16th. Results will be displayed on Friday (18th) on this page.
As you might expect people affiliated with LoadTheGame.com cannot participate in this draw.

Overwatch is a casual/competitive team based FPS. The game’s concept is an evolution from the standard roles that appear in games such as Team Fortress or the Battlefield series. Each player is controlling a unique character with its own strengths, weaknesses and charm (or lack thereof). That’s not to say that there aren’t any roles to fill. All characters fall into general classes that deal with offense, defense, support and tank. Coincidently they also have the same name. Maps are also created to fit specific scenarios which favor specific team builds. In a standard game two teams of six players fight until a certain objective or threshold is reached. What’s interesting about Overwatch is that the game records unusual and out of the ordinary play and shows it at the end as “Play of the Match”, a sort of highlight. Overwatch contains some micro-transactions but there is no actual gameplay advantage that you can buy, which makes it a very fair game. Competitive play goes for a three month season with two weeks R&R in between seasons. Storywise, in Overwatch there are two main factions each led by a specific character that fight terrorism and whatnot. Anyway, you’re not playing this for the story. Or are you? Please tell us in the comment section below.

We give another thanks to Gamesdeal for this opportunity. Gamesdeal.com is an online platform that provides secure and swift access to a variety of game-related products at low prices.



Patrick Morgan – 1 copy Overwatch
Jessica Norton – 1 copy Overwatch
Guille Reyes – 1 copy Overwatch

Winners email me at markjudge @loadthegame.com

About Alston F. Marshal

I am in love with the concept of gaming. I consider it to be the best kind of distraction on this side of the galaxy. I am particularly fond of indie development and the great games of yesteryear. When not sitting, I like hiking and bike trekking.

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  1. I want to win because all my friends are playing and only I am not… “yet?!” Unfortunately
    at the moment I am going through a time of financial difficulty and
    because of this I am not having enough money to do cool things, like
    buying the Overwatch. I really want to win so I can
    start playing with my friends and not have to stay just listening to
    them in the Discord while they play, you know, so please give me 1 key!

  2. Анатоли Йозов

    Because i play paladins, but OW looks much better 🙂 ohh and its Blizzards game so thats enough for me!

  3. I’d like to win this, because I was going to buy the game before it came out, but none of my friends wanted to play it because it wasn’t going to be “good”… now I’m the only one not playing it.

  4. I’d like to win this, to give the key to a friend that’s not have the money to play with me, but love the game and watch gameplays on youtube everyday 🙂

  5. Watching a couple of streams and hope to be able to play with some of the guys

  6. i’ve played cs go a lot, got bored. now i want to try overwatch.

  7. Game looked great when i played on Xbox One free play days so would like to try and enjoy the game if i win.

  8. Watch the gameplay everyday on youtube when the beta comes, seem really fun and i want to try playing it, and now im currently broke and really feel jealous seeing my friend always playing overwatch

  9. Would love to get the game, sadly I’ve been through some rough times recently that have prevented me from being able to buy this game. Hope the gods are with me on this one 😀

  10. I would love to play Overwatch. It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks!

  11. i want it for my brother!

  12. Stanley Geovanny Lee

    i really wanted to play this game . like literally “really” want to. watched lot of gameplay, and making me just more and more wanted to play this. may you make this 2016 great again for me.. thanks!

  13. Since May, my friends have gotten copies of the game while I
    couldn’t because I’m being careful with money; my friends have since
    offered the use of their account when they’re not using it. I want to be
    able to play with them but I feel like a burden; I’ve helped them level
    up and get loot boxes and gotten them many legendaries but none are
    mine. I want to enjoy this game without having to borrow someone else’s.

  14. Well, I do want to win because I had the possibility to play this game and I fell in love with it, so I want to play it again so much

  15. I would like to win because , I literally love this game , I’ve never seen anything like this before. This game is so complex that I would be obsessed to play it and have fun since I’m so coped up with the college life.

  16. I would love to win this game to play with my friends. I also want to make replicas of many of the weapons and having the game would allow me to examine them in game with greater detail.

  17. i would really like to win cuz i cant afford the game and all my friends are asking me to play with them and i can cuz i dont have the game

  18. I would really like Overwatch so I can play with my friends, since I can’t currently afford it and everyone else is bragging how good they are at it (And I want to prove to them I am better than them 😉 )

  19. I’ve been watching lots of OW streams and am super hyped to play Pharah and Hanzo, would love to get that code.

  20. I would like to win since it is a game that draws my attention and well the FPS are the ones that I like the most since many of the F2P are very competitive and this would be a great gift to have it and to be in another level of competition and also To be able to have the ability to play this game with great tendency in gamers

  21. nice giveaway bro

  22. The characters in overwatch are so pretty and I love the art! Would love to play the game!

  23. great mp and characters thats why i want it.

  24. I only played the beta and i had such a blast, couldnt buy the game since money is on the short side, but its the type of game that revives the spirit of Team Fortress 2 for another 10 years, much like TF2 it can live that long or even more, and i want to be in there to see it before my eyes, with your help! Thanks for the generosity!

  25. I’ve been watching this game in Twitch since beta and I can’t play with my friends because I can’t afford it.

  26. GF got me a big ass Reaper stand (Like 1.7 mts tall) and I don’t have Overwatch to play and brag about it :c

    I’ll be the happiest guy if I win the giveaway!

  27. I love the lore and the gameplay of the game, all my friends are playing it and it would be great to play with them.

  28. I really like it, my friends got the game but i can’t play with them 🙁

  29. i really love this game, some friend of mine got the game , but i m from Portugal so i m poor , please give me this game !! 😀

  30. having this game would once more mean a waste of my precious time in something that i really love which is gaming so pls pls deliever me this major oportunity !!! p.s: i adore this game !

  31. Pedro Miguel Castro Almeida

    I really want this game , i love it and i want to play with my friends so much !! please help me

  32. A bunch of my friends already have the game. I’d hate to be left out!

  33. would love to play this!

  34. All of my friends moved from destiny to overwatch, now i have no one to play with…

  35. Need this game because it’s so beautiful

  36. I really want this game cause i don t have money to buy and when I play to the first time, I fell in love with the game, the best game I ever played in my life.

  37. I need a copy of overwatch for a friend, we play everything together so instead of playing overwatch we are playing paladins, I own overwatch and i’m playing paladins FeelsBadMan.

  38. It would make a great christmas present to get a friend involved.

  39. Would like to be able to play with friends.

  40. Would love to win this game so I can play with my friends!

  41. I’d love to win this game

  42. I want to win because I´m tired of enter all the overwatch giveaways and to not win :/ I hope I will be one of those lucky guys… Cheers from Chile.

  43. Oh man I’ve been looking for giveaways for forever! Most of my friends play it and both them and me want to play it. It’d be a bum if I didn’t win 🙁 . Unluckily, I found this too late and only got 4 entries in. Good luck to all!

  44. I would like to play this game with my friend , but i cant afford it . Maybe i will be the lucky one =]

  45. I really like it, i want to play with my friends 🙂

  46. I want to win because I love this game! Since it came out I’ve been watching videos and I can’t get enough of it. It’s just perfect. I want to have a nice time with my friends while playing it. I hope I can win!

  47. I always played this game on a friend’s account, but I feel that he doesn’t have time to play it since I am mostly using his account. I would be very glad to win!:D

  48. I’ve wanted to play overwatch since the release, my friends have it and i want play with them, i would be happy and thankful if i got to be the random winner.

  49. can you guys please tell us the hours that we will know the winners ?

  50. Goodluck to all. XD i forgot to log in my disqus welp xD congrats to the future winner and Thank you for the giffaway loadthegame 🙂

  51. LTG thank you for the opportunity – I just such a passionate gamer and winning a copy of Overwatch would make me so happy I cant even say how much!

  52. Hi , what happened with the prices ?

  53. What happened with The prizes?

  54. What happened with The prizes

  55. What happened with The prizes?

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