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Overwatch’s Symmetra Receiving Update

Overwatch is certainly doing its best to stay in the headlines. Blizzard’s incredibly popular team based shooter recently ended its free weekend. During this weekend, it allowed all to have access to the game, with the lone exception of ranked play. Although that has come and gone, those who still have access to Overwatch has something to look forward to. All of Overwatch’s updates have been free, and we have another one that is on the way. Symmetra, one of the support heroes in the game, will be receiving a massive reworking.

Overall, Symmetra is getting a fairly strong buff. The overall range of her weapon will be increased, and she will be able to stock more turrets. Originally she was only able to hold three, afterwards she will be able to hold six. She will gain a new ability, the Photon Barrier. This move has been compared to other projected barriers in the game, with the exception that it is propelled forward. However, the big change for Symmetra is something that will be a first for Overwatch, a second ultimate. The ultimate in question has been described as a shield generator that will protect the team as a whole.

Symmetra was always a bit of an odd duck when it came to support characters. She was the only support character that had no healing abilities. She, instead, provided other players with shields, placed teleportation points, and fortified areas with turrets. With this update, this has not been changed at all. In fact, her ability to provide shields is being amplified, which raises some possibilities. Symmetra was, at her core, a very defensive character. The changes the developers have made have been confirmed to make her a much more aggressive option. I look forward to seeing how she changes the meta when this change occurs. I haven’t actually been seeing that much of her recently, but maybe that’s due to change.

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