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Dragon Quest Builders breaks a million sales worldwide

Dragon Quest Builders was one of the sleeper hits of 2016, this combination of Minecraft, Dragon Quest, and (oddly enough) Actraiser, released with barely any promotion and exclusively on PlayStation 4 (In North America and Europe). Even though this lack of promotion and the fact that it was being released on a crowded period made Dragon Quest Builders look like it was going to be a bomb, news regarding the game got really popular when it turned out to be actually really competent, which in term brought the interest of the general public. Today its finally been confirmed that the game”s quality has finally paid off, as Square announced that it has managed to sell over a million copies all over the world, with a Ultimate Hits version already released in Japan.

According to Square Enix Japan, Dragon Quest Builders has achieved the number of 1.1 million of units sold, this ammounts to the japanese market (where it released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita) as well as western markets (where it released exclusively on PlayStation 4). At the same time Square announced a Ultimate Hits version of the game, that improves slightly on the original experience, but it is currently known if it will get released outside of Japan. Dragon Quest is starting to build itself a presence on the western market, Dragon Quest Heroes also enjoyed a cerain level of success, and Square is looking into releasing more Dragon Quest titles outside of japanese territories, so things can only get better from here for the franchise.

I have never been quite interested in the Dragon Quest franchise (more of a Final Fantasy guy myself) but I do have to admit that Builders looks like a legitimately good game, so seeing it perform rather well is refreshing and gives me hope for future installments, maybe we could get a Dragon Quest Builders 2!-

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