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Dark Souls Trilogy considered for release on Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls has been, since the release of the first title, a series released on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Nintendo was never on the eyes of From Software, probably because the other, more powerful consoles already struggle at running the behemoths that the Dark Souls games are, so trying to run Dark Souls 2 in a Wii U would probably clock in at 15 frames per second. However, things are looking quite interesting for the already finished Dark Souls franchise, as leaks suggest that not only is the Nintendo Switch capable of running Dark Souls 3, but From Software is considering a rerelease of the complete Dark Souls trilogy on the Switch with all of their DLC.

Laura Dale has already made herself a name on internet forums and messageboards as a constant leaker of Nintendo classified information, and this time is no different. Mrs. Dale has stated that “From Software has Dark Souls 3 running on the Nintendo Switch with a level of performance they are happy with.” and “discussions internally at the company have discussed…re releasing the main three Dark Souls titles on the Switch”. The possibility of portable Dark Souls is something we had never heard before, and its quite interesting as well, especially because as of now playing the Dark Souls trilogy requires either a 7th generation and an 8th generation console, or a mid range PC.

Framerate is the biggest concern for fans of this particular franchise, as the specs of the Nintendo Switch show that it isn’t a particularly powerful console and both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have hiccups when it comes to their performance of Dark Souls 3, but generally this idea has been exciting to fans and those looking to pick up Dark Souls without having to buy three separate games. Personally, I really wish the Dark Souls trilogy releases on Nintendo Switch, because more games like Dark Souls should be absolutely rooted for, and expanding their audiences is a way to make this style of RPG more popular.

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