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New Warframe Update Adds More Free Content

Warframe is one of the top free-to-play games on Steam, boasting an impressive amount of players that continue to play the cooperative action game week after week. Despite being free to play, Warframe offers downloadable content that amounts to almost $110 dollars if you were to buy it all through Steam. One disadvantage for many with free-to-play games is that they often end up costing you more than a regular full-price game if you want timely access to all content. Developer Digital Extremes seems committed to offering players a full experience without forcing them to shell out cash, however, as evidenced by this most recent free update.

The new Warframe patch, titled The Glast Gambit, adds a good amount of content to the game and is available free of charge for players. A new quest called The Glast Gambit, for which the patch is named, affords players extra potential playtime in a game that many have already poured countless hours into:

“Summoned by Ergo Glast of the Perrin Sequence to the outpost known as the Mycona, you have discovered that Nef Anyo has stolen the children of the Mycona Colony, and it is up to you to get them back. You must challenge Nef in The Index and beat him at his own game. But Tenno, beware, not all is as it seems.”

The most exciting addition, at least in my opinion, is the new Warframe, Nidus. Nidus uses infestation to mutate and grow more powerful. His awesome abilities are listed below:

  • Virulence
    • Rupture the ground with a damaging fungal growth that steals energy from each enemy it strikes. For every five enemies hit, the Infestation mutates, multiplying its destructive force.
  • Larva
    • Spawn an infested pod that erupts with tendrils, latches onto nearby enemies and pulls them in.
  • Parasitic Link
    • Bind to a target with a parasitic link. For allies, both the host and Nidus deal increased damage. Linked enemies take the damage inflicted on Nidus.
  • Ravenous
    • Gluttonous maggots swarm nearby enemies, feasting until they burst with Infestation. The maggots benefit from Mutation and each enemy consumed adds to the Mutation stack.


Accompanying the new mission and warframe are new weapons, cosmetics, holiday glyphs, and a series of magazine adjustments and balance changes. Are you guys excited to jump in game and experience Nidus and The Glast Gambit? Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below.

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