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Atelier Firis arrives this March

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Atelier Firis is the most recent title in the Atelier game series; this new release, arriving March 7 for gamer’s worldwide, follows Firis – the heroine of the game – who resides in a mining town within a mountain. There she utilises her unique ability to discern where ores and minerals, as the responsibility to collect them lies with her. However, her greatest desire is to leave the confines of her home and mundane life, and see the world outside. This yearning derives from the fact that she has never once left the mining town, she calls home. In order to travel the world outside, Firis begins learning alchemy from Sophie, a talented alchemist who endeavors to pass the Licence exam that would certify as a professional alchemist. Once Firis accumulates a certain level of skill in alchemy, she finally receives permission to venture outside on the condition that she passes the Licence exam in one year; failure to do so means she must return home. Liane, out of concern for her younger sister Firis, accompanies her on her journey to provide support and encouragement.

Atelier Firis system includes five essential features that contribute to the player enjoyment. These features comprise of synthesis, gathering, battle, journey features, and requests. Numerous elements of synthesis affect Firsis’s journey. Although, Mass synthesis requires a vast amount of materials, with it players can create items that alter fields and open up new pathways to unchartered lands. These items influence the course of the story.  Throughout the duration of the game, players can come up with “ideas” for item recipes. By developing “ideas”, the number of item recipes for synthesis increases.  While Firis traverses distinct lands, players can natural objects that will offer synthesis materials. The materials players find depend on the method they implement. The battles in this game usually involve one character at a time taking a turn. Players can utilise “Chain Burst” to allow allies to link attacks.

Moreover, the role-playing game, Atelier Firis promises stunning graphics, and guarantees a world of adventure and alchemy.  Atelier Firis will be available on PS Vita, PS4 and Steam.

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