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Archer App reveals new storyline / credit GeekReply

Archer Fans Now Have an App To Solve Cases With

Archer is coming back with season eight next week. The new episode will launch on April 5 on FX, and this time fans will also be able to solve cases with their beloved hero, Sterling Archer. They can do this through a companion smartphone app, Archer, P.I, which is already available both for Android and iOS.  This app allows users to discover objects and people that aren’t viewable in the TV show. All they need to do is point their smartphone’s camera to the TV set while the app is running. The app uses augmented reality technology, which will reveal object and people that will leap out of the screen.

The hidden objects, which are not viewable on TV, make up a totally new storyline. Based on these clues, viewers can solve cases, bringing them even closer to „the world’s most dangerous spy”, who is now a private investigator. Archer fans can also find additional clues hidden in different promotional videos of the show. They can find these on Facebook and elsewhere on the internet. Those who are lucky enough to live in places where billboards for the show are on display can also use the app to gather more clues from these.

The app only works with episodes from the new seasons. Season eight will launch on April 5, but this won’t be the end of the story. According to Photo Tribune, FX already renewed the series for a ninth and a tenth season also. Each season will consist of eight new episodes. There are a lot of clues to gather from these. As we already mentioned, the app is already available in the Google play Store and Apple’s App Store as well. Fans can download it before the new season launches, in order to get more familiar with its structure and what it can do. All we can say is: let the investigation begin!

Source: PhotoTribune

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