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Harmless LG G3 battery explodes, mattress catches fire
Harmless LG G3 battery explodes, mattress catches fire

LG G3 battery blows up on a bed, causing fire

The LG G3 battery is the newest addition to the list of random exploding tech gadgets. A Redditor has recounted a terrifying story about their little sister’s LG G3 battery exploding on a mattress, causing quite the damage to the bedroom and the phone, naturally. According to the OP, the T-Mobile LG G3 had no prior issues that could have caused the explosion and the stock LG G3 battery in the device was as normal as it gets.

Nonetheless, the little girl found herself yelling for her family after the LG G3 battery exploded on the bed. The OP notes that even though previous devices like the OnePlus One had already exploded, those conditions were not akin to how their sister had left the phone. We had previously heard about devices overheating and exploding when covered with pillows or sheets (or even pants, for that matter), but the LG G3 battery exploded right on the mattress, having nothing on top of it. Luckily, nobody got hurt in the exploding LG G3 incident, but the matter is still causing concern in users of the handset.

The family has contacted T-Mobile customer service and the OP’s testimony states that the carrier has handled the matter professionally and is conducting an investigation into the exploding LG G3 battery. T-Mobile assured the family that the findings of the investigation would be forwarded to LG so that they can investigate what could have caused the battery and phone to overheat so badly that it would explode. The OP didn’t mention whether the phone was in use, downloading or running any intensive apps at the time of the explosion. What’s more interesting is that the battery just wouldn’t stop burning event after the family tried to extinguish the fire with a proper fire extinguisher. They were forced to throw the burning mattress with the battery still flaming within it out the window to avoid the whole bedroom catching fire.


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