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PS5 consoles could be included in Sony Honda Mobility’s electric vehicles

If you haven’t been following the development of electric vehicles, you might not be aware that Sony and Honda have teamed up to create cutting-edge automobiles. By 2025, the new company—which is concentrating on cutting-edge new technology—hopes to have its first vehicle on the road, and from the sounds of it, you might be able to bring your gaming along.

The joint venture wants to create a car around content, which includes music, movies, and PS5, according to president Izumi Kawanishi in an interview with the Financial Times. The plan is to use Sony’s significant entertainment presence and “adapt these assets to mobility” in an effort to surpass Tesla. Apparently, it is “technologically possible” to build Sony’s newest gaming console into a car.

Obviously, more advancement in the field of self-driving cars is needed before users can truly benefit from PS5 on the road. “You must create a space where you don’t need to drive if you want to enjoy the space in your car. Using autonomous vehicles to solve this “Kawanishi adds that perfecting it will take time.

Obviously, all of this is hypothetical and somewhat absurd, but if we are leaving manual transmission behind, what better way to pass the time than to catch up on some games? Please comment below with your thoughts on this concept.

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