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Is the release of the Horizon Forbidden West DLC imminent?

When Horizon Forbidden West first came out in February, we truly enjoyed it. Although it has been a while since we searched for robo-monsters in the post-post apocalyptic United States, we would be more than pleased to shake off the rust and go back for more. It’s on the way, according to the most recent teaser from reputable leaker The Snitch.

The anonymous tipster sent the following picture without any more commentary on Twitter:

Although there are several possible interpretations, we’re inclined to think this alludes to Forbidden West DLC. The map firstly depicts the American West Coast, which is where Guerrilla’s game takes you. The strange object above it also resembles a Focus, the tiny gadget Aloy wears on her temple.

Moreover, the blue line points southeast as if that weren’t enough. Some players interpret this as indicating that the DLC will transport them to the Burning Shores, which is, in fact, a location mentioned just a few times in the main game and is situated to the south of the in-game map.

We believe that this is a fairly simple tease, but this is all just speculation at this point. Of course, we could be completely wrong, but based on what is displayed here, we believe that Forbidden West DLC is most likely.

What do you suppose the tease is alluding to? Would you be interested in joining Aloy on another adventure in Forbidden West?

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