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Claims in a Class-Action Lawsuit Fortnite Was Intentionally Made “Very, Very Addictive” by Epic Games

Parents have filed a class-action lawsuit against Epic Games, alleging that the company knew Fortnite would be highly addictive (thanks, TechRadar).

Since quite a few years ago, concerns about the game’s level of addiction have been a major topic of discussion. Legal representatives argue that Epic Games engaged psychologists to help make the game as addictive as possible and failed to notify players of these impacts when the complaint was first filed in 2019. Since then, the matter has been under review and is now considered deserving of approval.

Two parents who have grown increasingly concerned about the online shooter’s impact on their children — one of whom has reportedly racked up 7,700 hours in the game over the previous two years — claim that the game’s design is “extremely, very addicting.”

Given this situation, Natalie Munoz, a representative for Epic Games, said the business “plans to challenge this in court,” citing previous attempts to provide “industry-leading” parental controls and screen time statistics.

The allegations filed against the company point to the game’s design as the cause of the players’ poor sleep and diet, among other things, but Munoz has said that “the lawsuit is meritless” and Epic reportedly has the data to back him up.

Although the case’s official commencement date has not yet been determined, we anticipate that the studio will seek to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


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