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Nintendo references abound in the new TV commercial for the Mario movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie opens on April 5, and with each new trailer, TV spot, and interview, it feels like we’ve seen more and more of the film before then. However, the abundance of Nintendo references and Easter eggs in the most recent TV commercial has piqued our interest (much appreciated, Nintendo).

The trailer, uploaded to YouTube by Nintendo World, features a lot of previously unseen material, so if you’re not interested in spoilers, stop reading now.

In addition to new lines of dialogue from Mario, Toad, and DK, the TV spot provides a better look at a bleach-blond member of the Kong family wearing shades (that has to be Funky Kong, right?). From Luigi’s GameCube ringtone and Mii-like caller ID picture to a framed picture of what appears to be Doc Louis and Little Mac from Punch Out!, this one is chock full of Nintendo references (if you squint really, really hard).

Watch the video down below to see all the brand new footage:

We’ve been keeping an eye out for Easter eggs like these since the campaign began, but the relative obscurity of some of the ones featured in this TV spot makes us wonder if the movie is even more stuffed with them than we realized.

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