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Story Of Seasons Multiplayer Announced With New Traditional Instalment

The ‘Marvelous Game Showcase 2023’ livestream revealed two new Story of Seasons games.

Hikaru Nakano, series manager, explained what fans could expect in the next major traditional game in the first trailer:

“What we just saw is the newest instalment in that beloved series. Fans can look forward to the joy of taking care of animals, growing crops, and sharing the fruits of your labor with your neighbours, all while living a wholesome life that warms the heart.”

“…We’re preserving all the cherished elements of the series while creating an entertaining farming experience that will reach more players than ever before.”

“Big changes” include “a lot of extra effort into the visual presentation” of farms and natural environments, according to Nakano.

“We’re going to deliver an adventure that will really amaze our players.”

The other game is described as a “bold” new direction for the series and a “play with everyone” game. This project only showed concept art.

“We’ve heard our fans loud and clear, and they want to play Story of Seasons together with all their friends…look forward to hearing more!”

Expect updates on platforms, release dates, and other game details. The video below shows these announcements at 16 minutes:

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