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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 Gameplay Trailer Wasn’t Final Version!

Last week’s PlayStation Showcase was highlighted by Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s action-packed gameplay trailer. This highly anticipated sequel looks great—we saw new abilities and features, big story teasers, and gorgeous graphics. Insomniac Games says the build we saw isn’t the final one, even though it looks ready to go.

Fans are fretting over the PS5 exclusive’s graphics. The gameplay demo’s water splashes and other minor assets are being cited as evidence of a series downgrade. Fortunately, community director James Stevenson confirmed that the gameplay footage wasn’t from a finalized version.

Stevenson posted a GIF in response to a concerned fan:

Even though Spidey 2 looks great, polish is usually left until the end of development, so it’ll be a few months before it’s ready. Thus, the next time we see it, it will likely look better and closer to the game we’ll play later this year.

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