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The Switch eShop Has Nintendo’s Pikmin 4 Demo

Nintendo announced a Pikmin 4 demo last week during its Direct broadcast.

The Switch eShop now has the demo for this game. It needs 4.8 GB. Pikmin 4 can be pre-ordered on the Switch eShop. Nintendo’s game voucher offer includes it.

The demo includes story, co-op, and Dandori Battle. Pikmin Bloom’s “special rewards” await if you finish it. The full game can import demo save data. After collecting “1,500 units of sparklium” and exploring for the day, the demo will end.

Our Nintendo Life hands-on previews the new Pikmin game. First impressions are positive. Above is Nintendo’s overview trailer.

“Pikmin 4 takes everything that made the prior three mainline entries in the series great and throws in a handful of new features to put the focus back on exploration first and foremost. Time constraints are lessened, paths are more clearly laid out, and a number of new companions ensure that your journey across the mysterious planet is yours to map out whichever way you please.”

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