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Nintendo May Update Smash Bros. amiibo Packaging

Despite being less busy, Nintendo’s amiibo line still gets new figurines regularly.

Considering this, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo series may have updated packaging. A Famiboards forum member posted new look photos.

It’s garnered attention online because the back of the box makes “no mention” of the Switch or other compatible platforms:

Famiboards user Ajimi: “I work at retail in France, and today we received “new” Smash amiibos (Link, Luigi and DK so far). They are the same as before, but the back of the box is different, a lot more neutral (no pictures and no mention of a specific game or console).”

As noted by amiibo Alerts in the social media post above, the new box on the left only mentions “compatible software” instead of all compatible platforms and game information.

There’s speculation Nintendo is “future proofing” its amiibo line. There could be many other reasons for an update, and Nintendo no longer sells or supports the 3DS and Wii U.

This design has been seen in other regions and on Amiibo News’ social media:

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