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Switch Gets Double Dragon Advance, Super, Collection

Update: Arc System Works released Super Double Dragon and Double Dragon Advance trailers. Both games will launch on November 9, 2023, for $6.99 USD or regionally.

“After 30 long years, the retro powerhouse Super Double Dragon is now on modern platforms for the first time. New additions include five stylish wallpapers to spruce up the sides of your screen with martial arts flair! The new play speed function also allows for high-throttle combat, playing at up to twice the speed for even more turbo-charged tussles.”

“Considered a masterpiece of the series, Double Dragon Advance makes a 20-year homecoming with this current-gen port, bringing back action, graphics, and other elements from past installments. New additions include five snazzy wallpapers to adorn your screen with dragon debonair befitting a martial arts master.”

Update #1

After the announcement last month, Arc System Works released the first official trailer for all Double Dragon Collection games. At the end, it says “expected to release on November 9th, 2023”.

Original article: After releasing Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons on the Switch this week, Arc System Works announced Super Double Dragon and Double Dragon Advance for all platforms, including Nintendo’s hybrid system. The digital versions will be sold separately.

“The long-awaited Double Dragon Advance and Super Double Dragon are making a double comeback this year! After 20 years, the first official ports for both games will be making their way to modern consoles on November 9, 2023.”

Additionally, a Switch Double Dragon Collection has been announced. In Japan, it will include Super, Advance, and the original four games released as standalone purchases on the eShop.

On November 9, 2023, Japan will receive the collection package. The complete list (Gematsu):

– Super Double Dragon
– Double Dragon Advance
-Double Dragon
-Double Dragon II: The Revenge
-Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
-Double Dragon IV

We’ll notify you of updates. The collection is currently limited to the Switch, but Super Double Dragon and Double Dragon Advance have been confirmed for Xbox and PlayStation.

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