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Pricey Pokémon X Van Gogh Museum Merch Is Selling Online

Update : Yesterday, you may have seen videos of crowds attempting to buy exclusive Pokémon merchandise at the Van Gogh Museum. As expected, many of the limited-time items can now be found on eBay with a huge price markup, indicating that many of this opening-day crowd were out to make a quick buck.

Exclusive Pikachu X Van Gogh Museum card is currently the most popular item. The museum’s “Pokémon Adventure” activity (labeled “For ages 6 and up”) could be completed and handed in at the reception for one of the limited-availability cards.

These were free prizes for participating in a children’s activity, but they now sell online for £300–£400. Check out @shikaskye’s tweet to see how many are listed.

Some of the collaboration’s Pokémon prints are being resold, but the Van Gogh Museum shop still sells them online.

Though expected after yesterday’s scenes, today’s online resales are disappointing. While we hope things will calm down in the coming days, we fear that scalping will continue as long as stocks last.

Original article: The Pokémon X Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam opened today. Pokémon-inspired interpretations of Van Gogh’s most famous works and exclusive merchandise have reportedly drawn crowds to the museum’s gift shop to grab as much as they can while supplies last.

According to Twitter videos by @monkeloidtv and pokeboy26 (via @Jorden1506), the shop was packed after the collaboration prints, plushies, and cards were released. We can’t say for sure that all attendees were after a profitable resale, even though the video caption calls them “scalpers”. Regardless, the crowding is shocking. Note. The second video’s ending contains an f-bomb, so skip it.

This isn’t the first time crowds have tried to buy exclusive Pokémon merchandise. McDonald’s UK limited Happy Meal purchases in 2021 to get ahead of scalpers after the limited edition cards, and scenes like those above may indicate that such restrictions will become commonplace.

Serebii’s Joe Merrick tweeted that buying merchandise solely for resale is “not an acceptable practise” in response to Van Gogh collaboration opening day reports:

This makes me so sad and is why we can’t have nice things
I saw so many wanting to go over in the first few days just to get any card and merch to resell. This is not an acceptable practice. If you do that, shame on you.

The collaboration ends on January 7, 2024, and we expect crowds to subside. However, the Pokémon Centre online store sells Pikachu plush, figurines, tote bags, and more if you can’t make it to Amsterdam. Who knows how much will be left after today.

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