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Sonic Superstars Gets First Review

Sonic Superstars, Sonic’s nostalgic side-on platformer, is less than a week away. We’re excited to see if the wait was worth it after playing this throwback to classic 2D games at Summer Game Fest.

As usual, Japanese gaming publication Famitsu publishes its review several days before other outlets, and Ryokuta2089 says Sonic fans will like it. Thank you, Gematsu.

Sonic Superstars received 8/10s in their four-person review, earning a respectable 32/40.

Given concerns about Arzest’s ability to deliver a 2D platformer worthy of Sonic’s 16-bit legacy, positive reviews are encouraging. As Sonic’s original character designer, Arzest’s EVP Naoto Ohshima is familiar with this.

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