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Remake of Horror Beat ‘Em Up ‘Night Slashers’

Forever Entertainment announced Night Slashers: Remake, an improved remake of the 1994 horror beat-em-up.

Neither a date nor platforms have been announced, but the above teaser trailer suggests that Switch will be one of the consoles it launches on.

You and three other players will fight zombies in a beat-em-up left-to-right style, just like the arcade game. The Storm Trident-developed remake adds a visual overhaul, new combat controls, more gruesome effects, and more.

See Night Slasher: Remake’s features and screenshots below.

xpanded hero roster: Choose from a unique roster of heroes to assemble your team. Battle hordes of zombies as a team of up to four players.
Enhanced Controls and Combat Mechanics: Take full control of your character with improved controls and combat mechanics. Execute combos, aerial attacks, and special moves, making the gameplay engaging and satisfying.
Upgraded Visual Effects: From blood splatters to dynamic lighting, witness the horror unfold with updated visual effects that heighten the intensity of the gameplay.
Sound and Music Perfection: Enjoy a high-quality haunting soundtrack. Choose between the classic OST to feed your nostalgia or the newly-arranged music for a modern-day experience.
Character Selection Screen Overhaul: Try the revamped character selection screen showcasing the heroes in a more engaging and visually striking way.

We’re hoping this one will come to Switch once we hear platform confirmation. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more in the coming months.

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