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Borderlands 3 Switch Update: Performance Improvements & More

Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition, which was released on Switch last month, got an update today.

Early tests indicate major gains. The team says game performance has been optimized and textures have been improved. The majority are “quality-of-life” modifications. The entire details:

Today we will release an update for Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition on Nintendo Switch, which will be live by 12:00 PM PT. Note that these updates only apply to Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition on Nintendo Switch; to see the most up-to-date notes for Borderlands 3 on other platforms, please refer to the dedicated Borderlands 3 Update Notes page.

This update addresses many quality-of-life changes, but we wanted to specifically call out some specific changes we’ve made based on reported community concerns.

Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition – November 20, 2023

  • Stability updates addressing various reported crashes throughout the game in certain areas, including some instances of starting a new game, while matchmaking, and more.
  • The missions “Blood Drive,” “Survive Ambush,” and “Lair of the Harpy” have been updated to prevent some instances of a progression blocker due to a crash.
  • Jackpot boss is now able to be defeated if no enemies are killed before entering the boss arena.
  • Map geometry has been adjusted in many areas to prevent getting stuck, escaping, unintended death, or being weird.
  • Some Vault Hunter, environments, gun, and enemy texture qualities have increased fidelity and look nicer.
  • Vault Hunter alternative skins now apply colors correctly.
  • Bloody Harvest Vault Hunter Heads have been added to Crazy Earl’s Shop.
  • Joey Ultraviolet was stingy with Cartel Vault Hunter Skins. He’ll drop them now.
  • The Gunner’s Splash Damage Increase anointment was sometimes incorrectly adding additional shield capacity after exiting Iron Bear.
  • The Gunner’s Fire Rate and Crit Damage anointment was sometimes incorrectly adding incendiary damage after exiting Iron Bear.
  • The Operative’s Digi-Clone would occasionally not consume the full number of grenades with “Boom. Enhance.” skill.
  • The “Defeat Ambush” objective has been updated to prevent enemies from failing to show up.
  • “Cold Case: Forgotten Answers” mission now continues after defeating the void spawn in the Vincent memory.
  • The enemy One Punch has received a pep-talk and should consistently show up after solving the TV Puzzle.
  • Killa Kam won’t be attacked by other enemies anymore.
  • Lilith won’t disappear in the “From the Ground Up” mission. She still wants to be talked to.
  • Addressed a reported instance where there could be two Claptraps visible during “Mysteriouslier: Ghosts of Karass Canyon.” There can be only one.
  • Artifacts with increased Shock damage were sometimes unintentionally increasing Shotgun damage as well.
  • The Catch-A-Ride in Sandblast Scar will now spawn vehicles.
  • The Red Chest has been returned to Neon Arterial.
  • The dead bodies are back under the Borman Nates bridge.
  • Various reported matchmaking concerns have been addressed.
  • Some reported instances of missing or unexpected textures across the game have been addressed.
  • Performance has been further optimized across the game.
  • Various UI and localization fixes have been added across the title.
  • Addressed missing or broken NPC, ambient, and environment audio.
  • Additional VFX and lighting improvements.
  • Many additional quality-of-life updates!


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