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In the next update, Alan Wake will join the roster of survivors in Dead By Daylight

Later this month, you may play the terrifying multiplayer adventure Dead by Daylight on the Nintendo Switch if you’re looking for another Alan Wake fix.

Dead by Daylight will get the renowned crime thriller novelist as downloadable content on January 30, 2024, along with a substantial fix. Thanks to the game’s subreddit, we have the following information on this new survivor:

New Survivor: Alan Wake

Dead by Daylight welcomes a new famous survivor into the fog: Alan Wake! Perks:

  • Champion of Light
    While you are holding a flashlight, this perk activates. When you are shining a flashlight, you have 50% haste. When you successfully blind the killer, they also gain 20% blindness for 6 seconds. This effect cannot stack on itself. Then, this perk goes on cool-down for 80, 70, or 60 seconds.
  • Boon: Illumination
    Press and hold the Ability button 1 near a dull or hex totem to bless it and create a boon totem. Soft chimes ring out in a 24-meter range. Survivors inside your boon totem’s range see the aura of all chests and all generators in blue. If you have a lit boon totem, you cleanse or bless totems 6/8/10% faster. You can only bless one totem at a time. All equipped boon perks are active on your boon totem.
  • Deadline
    This perk activates when you are injured. Skill checks appear 6/8/10% more frequently when repairing or healing and appear in random places. The penalty for missing skill checks is reduced by 50%.

Those who have never played Dead by Daylight before may learn a little bit about it here:

“Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action/horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors your goal is to work together to evade, escape, and most importantly – stay alive.”

In 2022, Alan Wake Remastered was published on Switch for anyone who is unfamiliar with the series and would like to learn more about the protagonist and his universe.

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