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Microsoft will be unveiling their plans for the future of Xbox next week

There have been recent rumors circulating in the industry regarding Microsoft’s potential plans to expand the availability of select games to competitor platforms. Over the weekend, these rumors gained momentum as game media outlets and influential figures suggested that Xbox might fully embrace a new multi-platform model.

Microsoft’s Gaming CEO Phil Spencer recently made a statement on social media, hinting at an upcoming “business update” where the company will unveil its “vision for the future of Xbox.”.

Phil Spencer:“We’re listening and we hear you. We’ve been planning a business update event for next week, where we look forward to sharing more details with you about our vision for the future of Xbox. Stay tuned.”

Many of the Xbox exclusives that have been mentioned in these rumors, such as Starfield, Indiana Jones, and even Gears of War, have primarily been associated with PlayStation. However, there are also rumors suggesting that certain games may potentially be released on Nintendo platforms. There is a particular game that stands out: Hi-Fi Rush by Tango Gameworks.

Once again, Xbox has not made any announcements yet, and all that is known for sure right now is that there will be a “business update” next week. It’s worth noting that many industry figures who cover Xbox seem to have a strong sense that something significant is on the horizon.

Xbox has previously expressed its goal of making gaming accessible to a wide audience. Furthermore, it has consistently emphasized its commitment to supporting other platforms, even after acquiring Activision Blizzard. Last year, it made a long-term commitment to bring Activision’s Call of Duty series to Nintendo platforms.

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