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Imagine Earth, a sci-fi city builder, is set to release on the Nintendo Switch next month

Get ready for an exciting announcement because we have inside information about Imagine Earth, a fascinating sci-fi city builder created by the talented Serious Bros team. Brace yourself, because this highly anticipated game is making its way to the Switch on May 9, 2024.

Released on Steam and Xbox to critical acclaim, Imagine Earth seamlessly blends strategic gameplay with a focus on sustainability as players embark on a mission to establish new colonies in the vastness of space in the year 2084. With the destructive consequences of corporate greed evident, it falls upon you to construct thriving cities in a manner that prioritizes environmental sustainability.

Players will encounter a variety of challenges, including meteors, space pirates, assimilators, and the potential consequences of pollution and emissions from their cities. Failing to address these issues could result in catastrophic natural disasters. This game seems to offer a compelling alternative to popular city-building titles such as Cities: Skylines, Airborne Kingdom, and SteamWorld Build. One of its standout features is the multitude of challenges players must manage in order to construct a thriving city.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the features:

– Go Beyond: Complete the multi-mission story and embark on fresh space colony adventures, including a competition mode against up to five AI factions and a freeform mode with procedurally generated planets
– It’s Not Easy Being Green: Face a range of ecological challenges, from chemical spills and oil slicks to melting polar ice caps and terribly destructive natural disasters caused by the player’s planetary exploitation
– Space Invaders and Traders: Make friends with cooperative colonies and alien tribes inhabiting some discovered planets and fend off hostile alien invaders using shields and lasers in tower defense gameplay as they try to wipe puny human colonies off of the map
– Sustainability Among the Stars: Successfully fight corporate greed and civilian demand for growth and resources by researching new technology and maintaining a healthy ecosystem to become a sustainable civilization

What are your thoughts on this one? Will you consider including it in your Switch library? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment in the usual place.

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