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Job listing for PlayStation Mobile provides fresh perspective on Sony’s approach to smartphones

Sony’s longing for a smartphone triumph is well known. HoYoverse and other companies have demonstrated the ability of games to transcend different devices. Titles such as Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail have gained immense popularity on PS5, PC, and mobile platforms. PlayStation has been working diligently to establish a mobile subsidiary within its business for quite some time. They have made strategic acquisitions, such as developer Neon Koi, and have experienced some shifts in leadership along the way. We have yet to witness the true results of its endeavors.

However, it refuses to give up! Sony’s dedication to their plan is evident in a newly discovered job listing for a mobile platform architect. They are actively seeking an individual who can lead the development of an infrastructure to enhance their ability to create, release, and manage free-to-play mobile games. From the recruitment post, it seems that the successful candidate will be responsible for developing internal tools to enhance the management of PlayStation’s upcoming mobile catalogue. However, the post doesn’t provide much detail to fully understand the scope of the role.

In the end, it indicates that, at present, the company remains dedicated to the concept of developing smartphone games. Although we anticipate some critical comments, it is understandable: mobile gaming now accounts for a significant portion of the gaming industry’s revenue. Given the current range of smartphones on the market, there is no valid justification for Sony not to venture into developing games for both the PS5 and mobile platforms, as numerous Chinese and Korean developers have already done. Ultimately, for this strategy to truly succeed, it must release some games. However, in that regard, we are still eagerly anticipating their arrival.

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