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According to the developers of Helldivers 2, they have encountered an alarming level of toxicity within their community

In Helldivers 2, players are expected to collaborate in order to achieve glory for Super Earth. However, as is common when dealing with a large player base, certain factions within the community are taking things to the extreme. Johan Pilestedt, the former CEO of Arrowhead and current Chief Creative Officer, has expressed concern over the significant level of toxicity the studio has encountered. He describes the situation as “horrifying,” citing instances of threats and rude behavior.

Pilestet spoke to GamesIndustry.biz (thanks, IGN) and described the overall experience as “extremely enjoyable and a little bit daunting.”. However, dealing with a staggering 12 million players, the studio has been subjected to an unprecedented level of abuse. The current situation is truly alarming, as members of the studio are receiving an alarming number of threats and encountering extremely disrespectful behavior from certain individuals within the community. That’s an unfamiliar challenge we have to contend with.

Arrowhead has made several missteps throughout their journey, often causing the community to become quite upset over various issues, whether legitimate or perceived. The game’s balancing has been a consistent source of concern for many players, and let’s not forget the infamous Sony/PSN incident on Steam, where Pilestedt tried to deflect some of the blame. Shams Jorjani, the CEO of Arrowhead and a key figure in the development of Helldivers, shared his thoughts on the subject:

“When a game achieves such unexpected success, surpassing the expectations of Sony, ourselves, and everyone involved, it inevitably attracts a much larger audience beyond its initial niche fan base. There is a noticeable amplification of various voices. It’s no secret that the gaming community can be a bit toxic at times. However, with such a large number of players, it’s important to find ways to encourage self-moderation and foster positive communication. By providing players with the necessary tools and promoting open dialogue, we can work towards a more constructive and inclusive gaming environment. Adding more voices to the choir certainly adds complexity.


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