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Sternar Blade PS5 Patch 1.003 is now live and adds a challenge mode and new outfits

Update: The latest patch for Stellar Blade on PS5, version 1.003, is now ready for download. This update comes in at a modest size of just over 3 GB. By installing it, you’ll gain access to the exciting new Challenge Mode, three stylish new outfits, and a range of improvements under the hood.

Original article: Shift Up has fulfilled its commitment to release a Stellar Blade update this week. The company has announced that the PS5 exclusive will receive a patch tomorrow, introducing a new challenge mode, additional Outfits, and various quality-of-life improvements. The latest update introduces a captivating array of boss battles, offering players the opportunity to engage with previously conquered foes from the main campaign and strive for improved completion times.

The screenshots shared on the PlayStation Blog showcase the comprehensive evaluation system that will assess various aspects of your performance. Your overall time, damage taken, perfect parries executed, and ammunition consumed will all be meticulously tracked and factored into the final judgment. Unlocking the new Neurolink Suit requires defeating all 19 bosses on normal difficulty or above. In the latest update, players will have the opportunity to acquire two additional Outfits: the White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi variations. These stylish ensembles can be obtained from Adam’s safehouse.

Introducing the latest additions to your wardrobe: three brand new outfits!

Some quality-of-life changes will also be included in Patch 1.003. For example, you will be able to map the compass to your HUD, and enemy lock-on tracking will stay the same in both ranged attack mode and general lock-on. All of this comes out tomorrow on PS5. If you were unable to unlock a Trophy, that should be fixed after downloading the patch. Puzzles now have more time to be solved as well. After that, “many other improvements” were made to the controls and the way the game felt overall. Also, the Stellar Blade Twitter account is hinting at one more thing, but it hasn’t said what it is.

Must you fight all of the Stellar Blade bosses once more in order to get the new outfit? Tell us about your build in the space below.

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