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PS Plus vs Games with Gold – April Free Games

April is here (no joke, really), and with it come some new titles for Playstation Plus subscribers, as well as Xbox Games with Gold members. Up until now, the Playstation Plus offerings pretty much stomped anything Microsoft has been offering, but this month, both consoles give out some decent enough games. In fact, this month, Sony wasn’t generous at all, and the PS Plus line-up for April seems to be rather weak.

Playstation 4 (PS Plus) – Mercenary Kings

This is a side-scrolling shooter with some Borderlands elements mixed together. If it seems like a disappointing title, well, it honestly is. Not that Mercenary Kings is a bad game, it’s just that users bought PS4 consoles for next-gen games, so offering a 2D side-scroller isn’t the best way to satisfy a crowd that’s craving for content of high quality. Still, give the game a go, it’s worth the time ultimately.

Playstation 3 (PS Plus) – Batman: Arkham Origins

PS3 owners have it a bit better, with Arkham Origins on the table. While not the best title in the series (actually, it’s the weakest), Arkham Origins still manages to offer quality entertainment, at least when your progression isn’t blocked by numerous bugs. It’s a good game, not a great game, but if bugs bother you, don’t expect Warner Bros. to be fixing them anymore. It’s free though, so play it, if not for any other reason than to prepare for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight

Xbox 360 (Games with Gold) – Hitman: Absolution

A nice offering from Microsoft, Hitman: Absolution is a solid game in its own right, even if it wasn’t the most popular Hitman title among fans of the series. Absolution offers a nicely-paced action/stealth game, so pick it up and enjoy. It’s nice to see Microsoft stepping up its game!

Xbox 360 (Games with Gold) – Deadlight

Zombies, but presented in an entirely different manner! That’s what Deadlight offers, and while this is also a side-scrolling game, it’s a much better offering than Mercenary Kings. It’s a really great game that, despite being somewhat linear, manages to look great. Give it a go!

What did you think of April’s line-up? Do you prefer the PS Plus or the Games with Gold line-up?

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  • sam chambers

    PS plus got Absolution about about this time last year. In terms of the newness of titles Plus wins hands down every everytime.

    • Michael Gardiner

      Hitman came out Nov 2012. Arkham City(which is what it is not Origins) came out October 2011. Just because PS+ did it first does not mean its “newness” is gone.

      • sam chambers

        Wait, it’s Arkham City?! How disappointing that Sony are using a game they’ve used for ps+ before.

  • angelo

    Its arkham city si?

  • RJ

    Yeah. Arkham City, not Origins…. It’s the older of the two.

  • Throc Morton

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say Deadlight is a better offering than Mercenary Kings.

  • Throc Morton

    Arkham City might be the older of the two, but it was made by the team that created the series. Origins is not. And probably the better of the two. I haven’t played Origins, but nothing I’ve read has made me feel like I need to.

  • Sbz4me

    Origins sucked. Arkham city is the best of the series. Ps+ wins again. Hands down

  • Nathan

    As an Xbox fanboy, I would still say PSPlus wins overall, with releases like tomb raider and Borderlands 2. But that’s not to say that Xbox Free Games with Gold hasn’t had some good releases

  • Huberglobbinberg

    This guy is clearly bias towards Xbone, so…. respect lost.