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Steam Summer Sale 2014’s Best Buys

It’s that wonderful time of year again–when Valve intends to raid your wallet with its super mega awesome summer sale! Valve is back with its digital bargain bin, which contains steep discounts on some great (and not so great) PC games. Each day, Steam will see new daily deals added on top of their already extensive list of deeply discounted goodies. Best of all, Valve has created different categories for potential purchases, such as Top Sellers, Under $5, Under $10 and New Releases.

Today’s sale contains some truly incredible games at steep discounts that are well worth being added to your game library. There are quite a significant number of games available for under $5. For example, you can purchase The Witcher 2 at an 80% discount for just $3.99 which will help you prepare for the fantastic-looking new gen The Witcher 3. Don’t Starve is also available about a significant discount (75% off) for just $3.74. Gone Home–which was one of 2013’s best indie titles–is currently available for just $4.99.

As far as the best games in the Under $10 category is concerned, there is quite an extensive number of great games available. In fact, Valve has over 5300 games currently selling for less than $10. Get yourself ready for Far Cry 4 by playing through Far Cry 3 for just $7.49. Rob a jewelry store and plan a heist with your friends in PayDay 2 for just $9.89. Check out the newly released PC version of Battleblock Theater for just $7.49. Skyrim–a game with the biggest game worlds/most content yet–is just $9.99. Stay away from Aliens: Colonial Marines, though–it’s a serious trap. Yikes.

There are also some discounts on newer games, if you were looking to pick up something a bit fresher. Divinity: Original Sin, which is a vastly underrated RPG, is 20% off for $31.99. There’s also a pre-order available for Dead Rising 3’s PC version fr 25% off. But if you’re in the mood for killing zombies, I recommend picking up DayZ for 15% off.

For more on the Steam Summer Sale 2014, check out the official Steam store. So many games, so little time. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s sale has in store!

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