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Unreal Engine 4 voted best game engine by developers

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 was recently voted the best game engine by developers in the Develop 100: The Tech List. The voting was done by over 45 technology know-hows, indie devs, and other industry experts. Unreal Engine 4 ranked number two overall on the gaming tech list, being surpassed only by a credit-card sized computer that goes by the name of Raspberry Pi. A whole bunch of other game engines made the list as well. This includes Unity 5 (No.3), CryEngine (No.11), Havok Engine (No.17), PhyreEngine (No.44), Shiva Engine (No.47), Turbulenz Engine (No.57), HeroEngine (No.69), Goo Engine (No.75), Leadwerks Engine (No.78) and SGX engine (No.98). You can check out the full list here or if you’re only interested in the Unreal Engine 4 you can read what the magazine says about it below.

“The top game engine on our list is Unreal Engine 4. Often classes as a top-end, triple-A engine for titles like the upcoming Fortnite, Epic is now redoubling its efforts for indie attention. During GDC 2014, Epic made the surprise announcement it would adopt a $19 per month subsctiption fee, with five per cent of gross revenues from game sales also heading to Epic. With this license, developers can make games for consoles, PC, Mac, iOS and Android, and gives them access to the high-end engine that in previous iterations powered the Gears of War series, plus the complete C++ source code. It’s a bold move by Epic, completely turning its business on its head, but one that is clearly winning favor among developers, particularly from the judges in out Develop 100.”

It was revealed last month that the latest Unreal Engine 4.2 update offers Project Morpheus VR support for both PS4 and the PC. Some other features that come with the update include camera animation system, user-defined structures for blueprints, and the addition of vehicles. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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