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Star Citizen: Chris Roberts assures us that all the funds are used for development

Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen is widely known as being the most successful crowd-funded title in gaming history. The record was set back in November 2012 when the game managed to raise over 4.2 million dollars in only about a month or so. But the fund raising campaign didn’t stop there however, and is still on-going to this day. As of this writing, Star Citizen managed to raise the impressive sum of almost $50 million. So naturally there are some concerns from backers as to whether or not the money is being put to good use given that only a small portion of the game was made available to them until now. In a recent interview with Gamespot, Cloud Imperium’s chief-in-command Chris Roberts talks about how these funds are being used for the on-going development of Star Citizen.

“So the extra level of funding is pretty great, because it’s allowing me to ramp up a bunch of stuff much sooner than I normally would have been able to,” Roberts says. “I’ll be able to deliver more features sooner in the cycle. Because originally, when I wanted to do this, I always wanted to make what Star Citizen is with all of these features…but I was being realistic about it. “We’re not going to have funding to do this. No publisher’s going to give us funding to do this,” I thought. “I’ll raise some money from crowdfunding to show how much people want it, and then I get investors to finish off the funding, and that’s going to get me to this sort of more bare-bones state.”

The legendary director also reveals that Star Citizen is still raising about $2 million a month without being promoted by the company. He anticipates that the game will reach somewhere between $80 and $100 million by the time it’s finished. Sounds like a lot of money, but Roberts assures us that “all of that extra money and funding goes to ensure that it really can be a full-blown AAA experience.” Obviously, even after the game is done Cloud Imperium still needs funds to support the servers and add new content, but he hopes that they’ll be able to do that with the money they make post release.

While $100 million sounds like a massive amount, Roberts reminds us that Star Wars: The Old Republic had something like $400 or $500 million. More recently, we’ve heard that Bungie’s Destiny also had a similar budget. At the end of the day, Star Citizen might not have the biggest budget ever, but it still is the most successful crowd-funded project of all time and a testament to what gamers can achieve when they put their wallets together.

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  • dude_wheres_my_game

    Still all talk and no action at this stage. Until we see more than concept art for ship sales it best to remain just on the healthy side of sceptical.

    • Ken

      Uhhh…you know that the Hangar module and the Arena Commander module are out as we speak, right? People are shooting at each other in game RIGHT now. It’s quite a bit more than, “concept art”.

      Educate yourself.

      • monsterbasher

        So that’s the whole game that the backers are earnestly waiting for? A flight module and some barebones hangar stimulation? What everyone is waiting for is the persistent universe and rich economy/trade system that we’ve been promised, except we haven’t seen squat since their “big” reveal couple years ago.

        • Mei

          Ken was answering dude’s question in regard to Star Citizen being more than just a concept art. His response is correct.

          As for your comment, it seem you have no knowledge of how game development works or how much programming involves in making a game. It can take several years to develop a game. Especially, if they are making a triple A title game. Being a ‘backer’ of Star Citizen myself, I rather they spend more time developing the persistant universe and make it more polish, even if it means there will be delay, over pushing out poorly hash game just because some people can’t wait and want it right away.

          • monsterbasher

            I think you’ve misread my reply, I wasn’t stating that they should push the game and trailers faster but rather stating they should hold more justification for the expectations and responsibility they hold to the backers. 48 million isn’t little koney , and considering the scope and ambition of the project, the community should be given more assurence in its development than concept art, renders of ships, and modules.

          • Yours Truly

            “the community should be given more ” assurence” (YOU SPELLED THAT WRONG BY THE WAY) in its development than concept art renders of ships, and modules.”

            What would you recommend then? I mean aside from maybe weekly update videos from Chris Roberts (which you probably never watch), info from forums and website, patches for the current modules, etc. Maybe they should send you the current entire unfinished buggy game to your house so you can finally be hunky dory with the development process and lay your undying cynicism to rest.

  • mtim2474

    “Star Command” (via KickStarter) developers took money for a PC game, then developed and shipped an Android/iOS game… Still waiting for the PC game, but I’m not holding my breath.

    This fad will be over soon, once more people have a “Star Command” experience.

    • Ken

      It’s not a fad. Get used to it.

      • mtim2474

        Nope. Once more people experience the bad side of funding unknown developers selling vaporware, this market will disappear. Fad.

        • Uncomfortable Movie Goer

          Or even more people will be interested in kickstarting/crowd funding because of the numerous success stories. There’s a ton of great stuff that is out (playing Divinity right now and it is fantastic) or on its way out (Wasteland 2) that wouldn’t exist at all if it hadn’t been for the crowd. But like with anything, it comes with its drawbacks. Like people saying they are developing for PC and then develop something for mobile… I’d be really pissed off if that happened to me but I’d also realize that’s the chance you take with crowd funding.

  • Rage of Nations

    ” But the fund raising campaign didn’t stop there however, and is still on-going to this day” NO ONE in the community is asking this question – because of the sheer transparency of the company in revealing each and every aspect of development.

    This line seems to be added by either the Whiner – who seem as omnipotent as Islamists plaguing the world – or reporters who want to add critique who also seem as omnipotent as the Muslims plaguing the world

  • korval

    Most of the backers expressing this concern are likely in the 400k-500k+ range. If you ask veteran backers like myself (backer #110160 since 01/22/2013) you’ll get a different response.

  • ZypheR

    Some of you are so dramatic. It’s a short and simple article helping to re-assure people. This article alone might pull in new Star Citizens.

    @RageOfNations:disqus your just a nutter and this article does not suggest an alternative to what might be done with the money it purely focuses on Chris Roberts. To mix gaming with religion is more worrying to me than a terrorist. Your the sort of guy I’d keep my eye on and keep my kids away from if you lived in my street. When did you last hear about a terrorist bombing his own street and the kids next door? Exactly, you need watched because your the one that might set fire to a house in a racist act. That is my logic.

    @Korval:disqus I agree we’re seeing the people who held back and are short of money pledging now. They are naturally concerned about money and their investment paying off. Some people need things to pay off. Without a return it can really beat someone up if they are short of money.

    @mtim2474:disqus I didn’t know about that, but it’s so easily done and will happen many more times. It will reduce peoples confidence however if a well known name is at the helm we should still see these kickstarters becoming a success. As for the “fad”, not this. You need to think big to consider where this game and others made in 10-15 years could go. We’re going to see various styles of gaming and game modes in one game. Space, flight, FPS, RP and more. There will even be highly detailed racing both in space and on the ground i.e. a lore racing tournament which takes part across multiple different planets. There can’t be a “fad” aspect to what is happening here because there is just so much possible in a game that includes planet surfaces, planetary environments and space.