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Dragon Ball Xenoverse targeting 1080p, graphics will be better than in the preview

Dragon Ball: Battle of Z managed to disappoint a lot of long-time time veterans and even some newcomers who were expecting a lot more from the famous series. As a consequence, many have demanded another title that actually reflects the true epicness of Dragon Ball. Sure enough, Namco Bandai revealed Dragon Ball Xenoverse just before E3 and also presented a demo which showcased the improved graphics as well as some of the new mechanics. The footage does look promising, but naturally we need to know some of the other details before we can say if this upcoming title will be better than Battle of Z or not. Luckily, GamerGen  recently had an interview with Dragon Ball Xenoverse lead producer Masayuki Hirano and managed to learn some interesting facts about the game.

First off, it seems the visuals are actually going to improve by the time Dragon Ball Xenoverse comes out, which will be sometime during 2015. The demo we saw earlier this year was apparently just a preview of things to come and the graphics are expected to evolve, especially on current gen consoles. “What we showed was a preview, we’re still working on it,” Hirano said. “Obviously, graphics, expressions, actions, moves, everything will continue to evolve, especially on PS4 and Xbox One through their power. People can expect to see the graphics improve more compared to what they have seen so far. They can trust the team to surprise. The graphics are really going to be better.”

The lead producer revealed that Dragon Ball Xenoverse will run on 1080p on the PS4 and Xbox One. Hirano also says that frame rate will be fluid across all platforms, but didn’t mention any specific details. Similarly, he wasn’t able to give the exact number of characters available but promises that the team is working hard to please the fans as much as possible. Hirano talks a bit about the music as well and says that Dragon Ball Xenoverse will have an original soundtrack which will be the same for all the regions. Last but not least, the producer confirmed previous speculations saying that the game will feature an exploration component. “It will not be just fighting, we can also explore new environments. With Dragon Ball Xenoverse we want to offer a new experience,” Hirano said.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is scheduled to come out in 2015 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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