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Driveclub’s Season Pass and DLC schedule revealed

Developer Evolution Studios has recently revealed its schedule for Driveclub’s future updates, which include both free and paid content. Taking it to Sony’s official PlayStation blog, Community Development Manager Jamie Brayshaw has revealed that Evolution Studios is already working on a new weather system and a photo mode for the upcoming racing title, both of which will come free-of-charge in future updates. The base-game includes 55 routes over 25 tracks, but the developer plans to bring you even more courses, all of which will also be gratis (11 new tracks with 23 routes, which include an entirely new location). Finally, a new car will be delivered to you every month – again – without charging you a dime (nine in total).

“We’re determined to build up a lively community of millions of connected racers around you, so our post-launch development will be influenced by what you do in the game and the feedback you share with us,” says Brayshaw. “New content, improvements, and updates will all be shaped by you and everyone you play with. And of course, we’re going to do our best to keep surprising you with our own creativity, too!”

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For those wanting to spend a little cash, Evolution Studios has planned a full calendar of new releases, which starts this November and ends in June, 2015. Said calendar will allow you to purchase new car packs (38 cars/eight packs, to be more precise), in addition to new campaign-tour expansions. Of course, new challenges and Trophies are also in. Driveclub will also feature a Season Pass available for $24.99, and purchasing one will save you a whooping 60% on the cost of purchasing these packs individually, as the total value of them will be around $75.84.

“And the best part? All of this is just the start! We keep saying ‘DRIVECLUB begins on October 7th 2014’ because we don’t know exactly how the game will evolve with each update until you get your hands on the game and start playing!” Driveclub is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and customers can either pay for it upfront, or get the PlayStation Plus version free-of-charge.

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