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Why Halo is not coming to PC

Bad news for Halo PC fans. Microsoft’s latest announcement surrounding their ten year anniversary edition of the game, Halo: Master Chief Collection is that they do not have any plans regarding a PC release in the near future. While Halo 1 and 2 had their own PC versions along with the most recent Spartan Assault, the developers’ focus seems to be turned strictly to Xbox One. At least for now. Executive producer, Dan Ayoub recently came out with a series of statements regarding Halo fans’ incessant requests for a PC version of the game. Here are his thoughts: “We’ve definitely heard the questions about PC. Right now we’re a couple months out from the Xbox version’s release, and that’s our main focus. That’s quite honestly where all our headspace is right now.”

The Master Chief Edition is a compilation of four titles: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary,  Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 including multiplayer modes for each title, and other additional content. All four versions of the game received a graphical remastering, while Halo 2 was given an Anniversary edition – Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, with a complete custom style HD graphic overhaul. These are the reasons why it is hard to squeeze in a PC version, according to Ayoub.

“From a technical standpoint, you look at the architecture of the Xbox One and there are some similarities to the architecture of a modern PC. That certainly makes that sort of cross-platform development easier. But beyond that the ease goes away. Master Chief Collection is massive. We have to coordinate four games, 100-plus maps, a lot of new cinematics, and Halo 2 Anniversary.”

Looks like 343 Industries is giving the Xbox One high priority on this one, but in the gaming world everything is possible, so perhaps we will see a PC release after the console version is out. In the meantime, Halo PC fans will have to manage with existing Halo titles. According to kotaku.com, there is a major playerbase trying to fully recreate the game in their own style using CryEngine 3. Maybe this will change developers’ minds.

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