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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor gets a new trailer

Monolith released a new trailer in anticipation of their Lord of the Rings based game, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The trailer showcases the game’s story and the features that make it a unique experience.

First of all, it is revealed that players will control Talion, a fallen ranger of Gondorn, who is murdered, along with everyone he’s cared about, by Sauron’s Black Captains. After dying, Talin is resurrected by an elven spirit who doesn’remember anyting and requires your help to recover its memory. Eventually, you discover that the spirit is none other than Celebrimbor, the elf who crafted the Rings of Power. The spirit also enhances Talion’s abilities, granting him wrath-like powers. For starters, Talion can now enter enmies’ minds and manipulate them. Talion’s ultimate goal is to reach the Black Captains and to take his revenge on them. On the way, you can encounter allies, including familiar characters such as Gollum.

In Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, you can collect runes that will enhance your weapons. In order to acquire a rune, you need to defeat an Orc captain. Besids the regular runes, there are epic runes, which, according to the information given by the trailer, can be obtained by dominating a captain and having him deliever a death treat to his war chief. Then you have to defeat the war chief and the rune is yours. Speaking of enemies, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will feature a “Nemesis System”. Enemies from around Mordor are dynamic and personal and remember each interaction with Talion. The Orcish society is based on a military hierarchy. Therefore, war chiefs rule strongholds while their captains are fighting for them. Any Orc that manages to kill Talion will be immediately promoted. The game also contains several other creatures, that you can dominate and turn into war machines.

If you pre-order Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, you will receive the Dark Ranger character skin, along with the “Test of Power”challenge mode, in which you get a hitlist and you have to eliminate the respective warlords and captans. Monolith also reminds us that, through purchasing the Season Pass, we can get the Guardians of the Flaming Eye, which are a band of Sauron’s elite defenders. In addition to these, the Season Pass unlocks Trials of War challenge modes, the Lord of the Hunt expansion and the Bright Lord expansion, which continues the campaign’s story, having players assume the role of Celebrimbor.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will be released on September 30 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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