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Smart hotel Hub lets you control the room with your smartphone

Hub by Premier Inn is a smart hotel that will allow you to control your room with your smartphone, to be opened in London later this year. The smart hotel will aim to attract customers who love smart homes and their smartphones as well, letting them control everything from lighting to temperature in their rooms.


Rooms in the Hub smart hotel will become available starting November and pictures of the rooms looks so good that you might be tempted to consider them a tourist attraction. The Hub smart hotel is a concept developed by Premier Inn, a budget hotel chain in the UK. Premier Inn is the larges UK hotel brand and offers over 50.000 rooms and 650 hotels to UK travelers at the moment. The Hub smart hotel will increase that number by 2.000 rooms and 11 hotels.

The Hub smart hotel opening in London will be the Covent Garden hotel and it will start offering rooms starting November. You can already book a room in the smart hotel through a dedicated application on your phone, naturally. In the smart hotel rooms, you will be greeted by a futuristic setup that reminds me of Aeon Flux or Star Trek, equipped with a 40 inch Smart TV and a smart home setup similar to what Samsung’s Smart Home had envisioned.

Guests at the Covent Garden smart hotel will benefit from high-speed Wi-FI connection and a local area guide that comes with augmented reality features, which is a nice touch to add to a hotel room. You will be able to point your phone at the walls and see them come alive. You’ll also be able to control the lights and temperature in your smart hotel room, and order room service or even a taxi from your headboard above your bed.

You will be able to use the Hub smart hotel application on an iOS or Android phone. Via the application, you’ll be able to control the features of the smart hotel room, as well as order food, check the menus and control everything in your room. Besides being a smart hotel, it also is a stylish and luxury establishment which will surely impress you, no matter where you come from.

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