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A Golden Wake gets a demo

Wadjet Eye Games released a demo for their upcoming title, “A Golden Wake”, created by independent developer Francisco Gonzales. The game will be released on October 9th, 2014, so, if you are fan of adventure games and you haven’t made up your mind about purchasing this game yet, you can get the demo from the Wadjet Eye website and try it out.

The demo doesn’t show very much of the game, but it’s enough to draw fans of the genre, myself included, into it. You play as Alfie Banks, who just arrived in Miami, Florida. Your goal during the preview is to make yourself noticed so that you can get an audience to a man that can help you make it big. It only features a few screens, enough for you to get used to the controls and to get a glimpse of the puzzles that you will encounter. The most notable part of the demo is Alfie going to an auction and trying to sell houses to a group of people. Once you engage in a conversation with them, you trigger a puzzle that has you match their descriptions of the house they want with actual houses that you have to sell. I won’t spoil the outcome for you, so if you want to find out if Alfie manages to reach his goal, you’ll have to get the demo and play it.

My impressions after playing the demo is that the game is really worth it. The 1920’s provide a great setting and the puzzle that you get to play in the demo is really clever and makes you really pay attention to the details in order to solve it. Though really short, the demo managed to get me wanting to play the full game when it comes out.

Bottom line, if you like adventure games, more specifically old-school adventure games, made in the 90’s Lucas Arts style, this is for you. It doesn’t have next-gen graphics, on the contrary, all the backgrounds and characters are hand drawn, but this doesn’t make less interesting. If you’re into this kind of games, give the demo a go and leave your impressions in the comments. And if you really enjoy the demo and want to go beyond that, you can pre-order the game from the publisher’s website. It’s just $14.99. A bargain, as some would say.

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