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Rebel Galaxy announcement trailer released

Rebel Galaxy is an upcoming space adventure title courtesy of Double Damage Games that promises to bring along a “huge, well-needed change of pace.” Double Damage is a new studio founded by former Torchlight developers which operated under Runic Games. Now, with the birth of this new brand, they are driven by high ambitions and are prepared to make a statement in the Sci-fi RPG bracket with their new space adventure project, Rebel Galaxy. The team released a new and pretty compelling trailer of the game from which we can work out that we are in for a crazy space-blasting fest like we have rarely seen until now.

Rebel Galaxy is a Sci-fi RPG with a totally different approach; players will take over hefty spaceships baptized Star Destroyers and annihilate anything that floats around in the space sandbox. Shortage of firepower and arsenal is not an issue, as you’ll be tuning out your Destroyer with a wide range of upgradeable and interchangeable weapons and defense mechanisms to help fight off the pirates and huge asteroids coming your way. You’ll get by just fine by trading, stealing, scavenging, negotiating, exploring, and fighting, as long as you have a decent war-prepped ship at your fingertips. Double Damage calls this game “a swashbuckling space adventure” which cannot be placed in the strategy category. Rebel Galaxy is a game that goes beyond your ordinary shooter, encompassing a procedurally-generated space-sandbox where violence and sabotage feel right at home.

The game is also keen on some good old fashioned bonding, as Captains will be able to develop certain ties with military and civilian factions, or simply go with some derogatory remarks using the dialogue options. Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer are the two co-founders of Double Damage, pouring in some of their own game developing know-how in their Rebel Galaxy. The duo previously took part in the development of some great titles such as Torchlight, Diablo, or Hellgate: London. They wanted to point out that Rebel Galaxy is a game that will get the player fully involved in the action, manning ship turrets and missile systems directly, not just standing by an watching the fighting unfold. Players will be able to take the peaceful way, and make alliances, or take the troublesome, hijacking way and cause mayhem. I choose option number two, thanks. Rebel Galaxy is set to launch next year on PC via Steam, PS4, and probably Xbox One platforms. Take a look at the announcement trailer below.

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