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GTA V - Cheat Uncovered
GTA V - Cheat Uncovered

GTA V – First Cheat Uncovered

GTA is known for having ridiculousness in it, at least the older versions were. Cheating is also a major feature of GTA as well, but in the next-gen version of GTA V, its presence has been lacking. Rockstar hasn’t said much about it and people haven’t been able to get their previous codes to work. With all of this said, it appeared as if GTA V on the PS4 and Xbox One would not have any cheats or at the very least they would be added at a different date. Well, cheaters should rejoice! As cell phone cheats are confirmed and the first one in GTA V has been uncovered!

If you want to try the first confirmed cheat go to your phone on GTA V and dial in 1-999-759-3255  (Sky-Fall). If you can’t imagine what Sky-Fall would do and you don’t want to try it, it launches you in the air as if you have jumped out of a plane. Interesting cheat, right? It may not be as practical as infinite health, ammo, or whatever, but it does confirm that GTA V does have cheats and now all we have to do is find the rest. So, go ahead and just enter random numbers into your phone, I am sure the rest will be discovered quickly here now that they are confirmed to be in the game. While some may not be able to see the significance behind this, it is important as players are constantly discovering new things in the re-release of GTA V.

Interesting to say the least. GTA V recently came out to next-gen consoles and people are still finding new things to do. You can makes millions offline and online. You can also read our take on the new version of GTA V in our review. GTA V is fairly new and there should be many new things discovered across these next few weeks.

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