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GTA V December 23rd: Heists & Holiday DLC
GTA V December 23rd: Heists & Holiday DLC

GTA V December 23rd: Heists & Holiday DLC

GTA V is has been causing quite a stir lately! With it being kicked out of stores, players finding glitches/cheats, and everything in between. All the while, players are waiting for GTA V’s heists to make an appearance, but nothing yet. We thought GTA V’s Heists may come earlier in the month, but according to sources it is no longer the case. GTA V’s heists and holiday DLC are now supposedly coming out December 23rd! GTA V will also host its Holiday DLC, which will turn GTA V’s Los Santos white for the season! The GTA V leak comes from YouTuber iCrazyTeddy:


It is a rather big leak, as he talks about¬† Heist missions and the DLC. GTA V’s heists have been highly anticipated since the launch of GTA: Online last year. So, if the leak remains true and the heists for GTA V finally release, many will be happy. GTA V’s heists DLC will not only include 1 heist luckily, as the video goes on to talk about 6 missions. There is a compiled list of what iCrazyTeddy is speaking about:

  • The DLC will include Heist (Planning Board) layout update for both high-end apartment interiors, which will be available across all gaming platforms (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC).
  • Brand New Heist selection menu featuring its own social-club based leaderboard and misc options showing the list of uncompleted Heist missions. This feature will be accessible across both current-gen and last-gen consoles as well as the PC version.
  • 34 texture modifications to four different locations, which will enhance the visual effects during Heist missions. Though this feature is available across all gaming platforms, the current-gen consoles and PC will see some improved texture details and visual enhancements over the last-gen gaming platforms.
  • Six Heist missions will be available through four unique locations.
  • Five Cops and Crooks missions in four unique locations.
  • Two Cops and Crooks-themed masks, which are exclusively limited to current-gen consoles and PC version.
  • BZ Gas will now be available for purchase via Ammu-Nation but can only be used in Heist missions.

This list comes from the NillX Forums. Hopefully the leak remains true and players can finally heist it up on GTA V. While some may be disappointed in only 6 heists after over a year, there should be multiple ways of completing the heists. It should be interesting to see how long GTA V’s heists are, how many different ways you can complete them, how much money you earn, and how fun they are. For many fans of GTA V though, it will be a relief just to finally play the DLC they have been waiting so long for.

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