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Xbox One and PS 4 2014 Holiday sales

Holiday 2014: Xbox One Vs. PS4

Xbox One Vs. PS4, it is a topic that is brought up rather often. It may be tough to decide which one you want in this Holiday season. Luckily, I own both and do not have to decide! Odds are though, you don’t and you may need some help deciding. While the Xbox One Vs. PS4 has been raging on for some time, this is the most important time for the debate, as you wage war in your mind between the two. This question isn’t an easy one to answer sadly. I can’t recommend that everyone gets one console, because it all depends on their preferences.


This is an interesting category to have and some don’t believe it should be one, so let’s get it out of the way. If you want a console that can play media, you should get with the Xbox One. Why? Because while the PS4 has some impressive apps, the Xbox One has more. The Xbox One has ESPN, Showtime Anytime, and HBO Go, while these apps are woefully missing from the PS4. The PS4’s media capabilities are sadly falling short here. While the Xbox One has a decisive victory, the PS4 still has some good media apps, but the Xbox One has more to offer. With the PlayStation Vue currently Beta testing though, this could change shortly. The PlayStation Vue is somewhat like the DVR feature on the Xbox One, except it does not require a provide to use. PlayStation Vue is certainly an interesting concept and when it finally makes it way to full release the PS4 will have beaten the Xbox One in this section, but for now Xbox One has more. With these apps and DLNA, the Xbox One pulls through. Winner: Xbox One

While many may not consider media play such a huge role, it does for other. It is a role that I enjoy in my Xbox One. This next category though will certainly be something gamers are interested in, as it is about the games.


While this may differ from person to person, this is my opinion. Which console has the best games? It should be the most important question of them all! It is hard to debate as this is somewhat personal preference and it is all about the future as well. Personally, my gaming preference leans more towards Sony. With games like Little Big Planet 3, Infamous: Second Son, Killzone, and a few others. Sony’s lineup for 2015 is also rather impressive as well with games like Bloodborne, Deep Down, Uncharted 4, Until Dawn, Everybody’s Gone to Rapture, and many more. While the Xbox One has had a great year as well, I find myself playing on my PS4 much more often. The Xbox One has had a good year as well and its 2015 lineup is looking good, but my PS4 has been played a lot more in the year of 2014. Winner: Personal preference: PS4


While Microsoft’s servers maybe more tuned to Multiplayer, Sony’s PlayStation Network shifts it towards the best value. I believe PS+ has given over $1,300 in free games this year for the PS4 alone and it really shows. I haven’t experienced much issues with PSN, but it is down much more often then Xbox Live. Recently it has been taken down by DdoS attacks, but so has Xbox Live. I am not huge in to multiplayer, so I have not played much this year. I have done my fair share in GTA V: Online, Little Big Planet 3, and Dragon Age: Inquisition on the PS4, I’ve had no issues. Further more, the best part of these services is what they do on the side. Xbox’s Games with Gold just can not compete with PS+. I have not seen many worthwhile games for free on the Xbox One, while every month I find myself downloading the games given to me by Sony. It is makes it a better value to me. WinnerPS4

There are many reasons to pick one over the other. It is a rather tough choice that many will be facing this Holiday season. So, which is the best for you? It’s hard to say. I would overall rate the PS4 as a better deal right now. This could change next year or even in the next 6 months. Both are strong systems with great things going on for them now and for the future.

The PS4 has a better design, a better controller, and some incredible features. While the Xbox One won in media, it can’t really compete with the PS4’s Shareplay, which allows you to stream your game on to a friend’s screen and allows them to play the game. This isn’t supported for every game, but it is an incredible feature that blows away the Xbox One.

If you buy either you won’t lose though. Both consoles have a bright future ahead of them, but the PS4 is the brightest at this moment. It may be hard to pick one over the other, but the PS4 is the easiest pickup I have had in terms of consoles. I have yet to regret owning it once and I am constantly on it. So, if you are eager to give that special someone something special, grab the PS4. I see no reason for them to be disappointed if they give the console a chance.

Holiday 2014 Winner:

Holiday Winner 2014: PS4
Holiday 2014 Winner: PS4

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